Please email all repair inquiries to
Free Estimates
We offer numerous repairs not listed, all we need is your instrument for a free estimate. Please contact us below.
Spa day for your instrument. Not only do we dial in the playability and intonation, we clean the finish and treat the fingerboard.
Specialty Setup
Same as above for 12 strings, classical, mandolin, banjo or locking systems.
Custom Nut or Saddle
Bespoke fitting, shaping and polishing a blank for your instrument. Includes setup. 
Fret Level, Crown, and Polish
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Full Refret
Fresh frets by our Luthier will make your instrument better than new. Bound or finished fingerboards extra. Includes setup.
Pickup Install
Swapping out a pickup on an electric solid body, doesn't include other modifications. $90+ for multiple.
Pickup Rewind
Bring your treasured pickup back to life. Price is per coil, so a humbucker is $150. Install not included. Custom winds available.
per coil
Acoustic Pickup Install
Under saddle or bridge plate pickup with an endpin jack. Preamps or other body mounted gadgets extra, message for free estimate.
Electronic Component Swap
Swap a potentiometer or jack. Switches and push pull pots typically $50. 
Full Rewire
Start from scratch with all the electronics professionally wired.        
Headstock Repair
Glue and clamp a cracked headstock. Message for breaks with large missing chunks or cracks in multiple directions.
Bridge Reglue
Glue and clamp a separated bridge. Message for soundboards with large missing chunks.
Neck Reset
Dovetail and Martin style glued bolt-ons.                                                  
Structural Repair
Cracked tops, broken sides, loose braces, separated fingerboards, all can be fixed but we like to see them first. 
All prices are labor only, parts and strings not included.
Please email all repair inquiries to